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Xenios Zeus Food Box

Xenios Zeus Food Box

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Having a common passion, the good Greek food and having traveled all over the territory we found that some Greek food products were really probably the best in the world. So we decided to find them, to standardize them, and to make them available to the general public ... of the planet.
Our products are aimed mainly at demanding consumers, who know and appreciate the beneficial properties of the most important element of the Mediterranean diet.
We have selected the finest products of the Greek land, for which we guarantee as Hotilities and Unique Greek Products that they will win you over both for their taste and for their quality.

What is in the box

1. Organic Extraordinary Olive Oil from Mani 500ml. We designed a package that is unique and special in order to correspond to its contents. The bottle is glass made of black matte silk screen printing to protect the product from ultraviolet radiation. Extra virgin Mani olive oil variety Koroneiki-organic.

2. Organic Mountain Tea 40g. Greek mountain tea "Mountain Tea" is considered one of the best for health in Europe. Organic product produced by traditional methods, without chemicals, pesticides and hormones.

3. Olives in a 360g Jar. Olives are delicious and healthy products of the Mediterranean diet.

4. Kalamon Olive Paste 180g. Kalamon olive paste consists of Kalamon olives, extra virgin
olive oil, herbs and spices.

5. Forest Honey 300g. This delicious raw honey is considered the most ideal and richest in nutrients compared to any other honey.


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Refund policy

In case of any bad experience, we're here to help!

We offer partially or full refund within 30 days of the initial purchase in case of a faulty or damaged food box or product.

In case of a lost package we offer full refund of the initial order and in case of a damaged product during the tranfer we offer partial refund for the specific product.

Feel free to contact us for further questions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing olive oil taste

the whole box is really premium and especially the olive oil rocks

Perferct box

Really nice box with delicious goods!!
Thank u